Lightpainting Workshop 3

Thurs. October 22, 2015: Evening Presentation, Camera Set-Up.

Camera Set-Up:

Everyone should bring their own 35mm DSLR camera that is capable of changing lenses.

Short zoom lenses (example: 24-70mm zoom lens and 16-35mm zoom lens are ideal)

Compact Flash Card or SD Card.

Sturdy Tripod.

Head Lamp or small LED flashlight (125 Lumens or more is best)

(NOTE: small pocket cameras or cameras that cannot change lenses are not suitable for this workshop)


Friday October 23, 2015: Lightpainting Instructional Workshop

Table-Top Still Life, LIVE Models, and Outdoor Landscape: 

Everyone should bring their camera gear for all sessions. Even though we will have lunch and dinner breaks, having your gear, flashlight, jacket, hat, etc. for the entire day is recommended.


Saturday October 24, 2015: Show Images and Critique Session

Show Images and Critique Session:  Attendees will have the opportunity to show their 2 favorite Lightpaintings made during the workshop, and also bring 2 favorite pictures of previous work for the Show Images and Critique Session.

Doors will open at 9:00am. Everyone is welcome to prepare their 3 favorite Lightpaintings from class and 2 previously made portfolio pictures on their own laptop in the Workshop Room from 9:00 – 10:30…or they can prepare their pictures on their home computer and simply bring the Memory Stick to the Workshop. I will be answering any questions during this time.

The Image Show and Critique Session is a very important part of learning photography and I encourage all attendees to participate. Everyone’s images will be shown on the big screen. I will make insightful and helpful comments of each image shown. The critiques are a teaching session and designed to help everyone learn.


Saturday October 24, 2015: Add-On class … Outdoor Location

This additional Add-On class will take place at a different outdoor location than that of the 3 day workshop. Participants will need to bring the same camera, lenses and tripod that they have used during the previous Outdoor Lightpainting session.

It will likely be cool, please bring:  jacket, hat, and good walking shoes or hiking boots are recommended.

NOTE: Transportation, Lodging and Meals will not be provided by this workshop.

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